I Don't Know

Work-In-Progress: 'I Don't Know' is an experimental radio work about the history of Artificial Intelligence(AI). Three audio events are wrapped in one: decades after Turing first proposes it in 1951, 30 people get together to recreate the 'Imitation Game' (a the quiz show-like test to detect AI); A short story about embodied AI robot navigating modern love; and a surreal chat conversation between two manic-pixie-cyber-lovers woven throughout.

Distributed on an iOS app, the interface is meant to further the concepts explored in the radio piece: the politics that influence a conception of mind and ensuing creation and transformation of AI minds. The user manipulates the 'face' of the audio player, changing the expression of the robot. Subtle animation of the mouth is generated by the volume intensity of the audio being played back. See the video below for a preview of the app interface.