There is a vast difference between how things seem from the outside and how they feel on the inside.

25 min. screen recording of a VJ set of variable duration. Music mix courtesy of DJ Hazel.

This VJ set is visual essay that asks for space for intellectuals outside of academia. With humour, I question what kind of person is allowed to make contributions to knowledge, by considering the wisdom of BBC celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. I employ original animation, performance documentation, and sampled tv clips to challenge the way we organize knowledge. What is being left out? What if a 'common sense' in one discipline could lead to a paradigm shift in another? Prousts' madeleine makes an allusory appearance during the performance, the scent, texture and taste of the tea-cake triggering Remembrance of Things Past. For many theorists and neuroscientists this has become a pet literary example of the different ways a person can know something. But have cooks not been serving this knowledge long before Proust sat down to wax poetically on what he was eating? Another story about madeleines is told in this performance. The media is a mirror through which we can explore our societys' optical unconscious.

The live video-mixing was done through 4-channel video mixing software of my own design.