By Nature Or By Arf (Dog Portraits)

Image credit: RL Owens.

By Nature Or By Arf (Dog Portraits) is a two-channel video installation. Twin projections face each other; in one projection, a series of dog video portraits, in the other, my best reenactment. I am inspired by my readings in evolutionary biology, especially the co-evolution of dogs and humans. One aspect of dogs' success as companion-animals is their ability to read the human face and their awareness of human gaze.By Nature Or By Arf (Dog Portraits) flips the customary "reader" and the "to be read" roles of the dogs and humans; rethinking human dominion over other species. If our physiology determines our philosophy, by nature or by art is also about learning through attempting to embody anothers' posture and perspective.

48 sec. extract of a 04:48 video installation.


Xi Feng, cinematography for Dog clips ❣

Andrea Carvalho + Clien; Caroline Reeves + Claude Ouellet; Cheryl Simon + Tallulah; Cristine Sayegh + Neko; Gerard Leckey + Frieda Las Vegas; Julie Matson + Cupcake + Hokey Pokey; Julie-Anh Nguyen + Lychee; Leanne Cipriano + Tucker + Pogo; Melissa & Dave Cas + Audrey + Oscar; Melissa Desjardins + Agua; Nadia Vracotas + Google + Machi; Ossie Michelin + Barney; Reuel + B'Art; Sabrina Russo + Piper; Tony & Xavier + Mica; Dave Landry.